Welcome to The Swedish Typewriter!

On this website, you will find typewriters for sale. They were manufactured between the years 1900 and 1975 and are more or less used.

Under the ‘In Stock‘ section, you will find typewriters that have been serviced and are ready for immediate delivery. Just insert a sheet of paper and start typing! (International shipping is possible, email me if you have any questions.)

In the ‘Non-serviced‘ section, you will find typewriters for those who want to do some fixing and tinkering themselves. These typewriters are generally cheaper and in varying conditions. They have not been serviced and may require cleaning, lubrication, and a new ribbon.

They have undergone functional testing, and any defects are described and/or visible in the pictures.

Under the ‘Incoming‘ section, you will find typewriters that have not been inspected yet. If you see a typewriter in this category but wish to have it serviced, please contact me!

What to expect when purchasing a typewriter from The Swedish Typewriter

All typewriters that are ‘in stock’ are fully functional. Any defects are described in the product description.

All typewriters are, naturally, quite old. They may have scratches and blemishes to varying degrees – please refer to the pictures to assess their condition – and sometimes they may have an ‘old smell,’ despite being cleaned.

What does it mean for the typewriters to be serviced?

It means they have been functionally tested, lubricated, and cleaned. However, it does not mean they have been completely refurbished – generally, they have not received new rubber, rollers, feet, or similar parts.

The Background of The Swedish Typewriter

I received my first typewriter when I was nine years old, on Christmas Eve 1990. It was an electric Esselte 80 that I used to write a lot. Until my family bought a PC with a word processor, which made the typewriter suddenly feel outdated.

Then I took a 30-year break from the world of typewriters. Until one spring day in 2022, I read about authors who write on typewriters in John McPhee’s book ‘Draft No 4,’ and my first thought was: What backward thinkers! My second thought was: Maybe they are actually quite smart!

There are many reasons to love typewriters. It can be about appreciating the design language of the past century. Or it can be about valuing the mechanical masterpiece that each machine – consisting of around 1,500 parts – truly is.

For me personally, it’s mostly about the writing process. Being able to write without distractions – I put my phone in another room and can then write without being interrupted by pings and buzzes. Additionally, it’s quite liberating not being able to edit the text while I’m writing – instead, I scan my text with an OCR reader, which converts the typewritten text into a digital file.

I, Adam Haglund, am the owner of The Swedish Typewriter. I live in Malmö and work as an entrepreneur. My real job is running a kitchen company called Kulladal – the typewriters are currently just a hobby. The purpose of this webshop is primarily to limit the number of typewriters accumulated at my place. 🙂

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